What I like the most about Polly’s program is that every morning that I drop my daughter off, Polly is sincerely excited to see her. Her love is infectious, and it is easy to tell how much our daughter (16 months) loves being with her. Usually a big smile comes over her face and she runs over to give Polly a hug. Just seeing that gives me the utmost confidence in Polly’s care. . . Polly gets the kids out every day to a playground where they are exposed to other (mostly older) children. I have seen how fast my daughter has become more intrepid and confident in social situations since being with Polly. Polly conveys her love for the kids she takes care of through the food that she prepares. Some examples: pancakes, roasted chick peas, kiwi fruit, roasted beets (julienned to look like worms for Halloween).
—L. and S., parents to Simone, Pre-Preschool With Polly
Polly’s Pre-Pre program has been excellent for my daughter. Polly is enthusiastic, kind and genuinely enjoys looking after toddlers & younger babies. There were creative play activities with mirrors, books, blocks, indoor tents, kitchen adventures & excursions to the playground. I felt relieved because she sent me daily updates about my daughter ( food she ate, favorite activities, funny anecdotes & behavior observations, her nap schedule, etc). I highly recommend her!”
—L. , parent to Oona, Pre-Preschool With Polly
We’ve had the pleasure of knowing Polly for many years. She taught our older son when he was 2 and he still remembers her fondly as a 4th grader. We were thrilled when Polly decided to launch Pre-Pre, just as we were hunting for daycare for our 1 year-old need. Calder has been with Polly for over 3 months and is thriving. Pre-Pre has become a second home for him. It’s a wonderful environment for play and learning: clean, inviting, engaging and filled with friends and safe adults that comfort him. Calder loves the creative home-cooked meals Polly serves up. Our family couldn’t recommend PRE-PRE WITH POLLY any more highly.
—M. and E. , parents to Calder, Pre-Preschool With Polly
My son started attending Pre-Pre in September, and we have been so pleased with our experience. Polly exudes calm and positivity, and she has created a warm, loving, nurturing environment filled with fun and exploration. She also does an excellent job of helping those early separations go much smoother!

—L. , parent to Mazy, Pre-Preschool With Polly
ZEV LOVES POLLY, Pre-Pre and everyone there. He talks about it all so SO much. It's amazing to me (especially after his brother's experience at preschool) to see Zev so in love with his childcare experience. I'm not surprised and I don't blame him... Pre-Pre is one of the best parts of our lives! The way Polly is with the kids, and the space she creates for them to be with one another is magical. Polly is present, creative, centered, amused, and full of love. Thank you, Polly, for everything.
—M. , parent to Zev, Pre-Preschool With Polly
Polly is super creative and does cool projects that get kids excited to learn. Polly is nurturing, loving and good at paying attention to kids’ different interests and personalities. This helped our kids feel comfortable and make solid connections with their peers. Pre-Preschool for younger kids sounds pretty great—almost as good as being with them yourself!
—S. and P., parents to Marin and Orion, The Maple Street School
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